Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Waterproofs in the Garden - Update

Hi - I'm still around. I spend more time on FeLlife (PeterStormCag) than this Blog to be honest, but as always will try to update more often. I hope everyone viewing is enjoying their waterproofs as much as I am. I dress as often as possible, both for dedicated fetish fun and also just wearing a cagoule (or full rainsuit) out and about in regular everyday life. The winter was good with lots of opportunity. Spring/summer presents some challenge, but a cagoule is always necessary to take just in case. I enjoy having one with me even if it doesn't get worn.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss anything further. Please leave Comments. It makes it seem worthwhile...

30 April 2019 - Coffee outside in yellow Peter Storm trad raintrousers and a red Peter Storm Size smock cagoule (over a green Regatta rainsuit). Green Hunter wellies and a navy Peter Storm rain hat...

2 May 2019 - Coffee outside in orange Peter Storm trad raintrousers and a yellow Peter Storm trad smock cagoule (again over a green Regatta rainsuit). Green Hunter wellies and a navy Peter Storm rain hat...

7 May 2019 - Coffee outside in a purple trad Peter Storm cagoule and raintrousers (over a navy Regatta rainsuit). Green Hunter wellies. Hood up and drawstrings tied...

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Garden Dressing – Coffee..!

I like to be fully geared and enjoy a coffee in the garden. Here are a series of pictures taken a few months ago.

28 June 2018 - Morning coffee. Navy Regatta raintrousers (2 pairs) and a powder blue Peter Storm zip up cagoule over a red Peter Storm smock cagoule. Green Hunter wellies.

19 June 2018 - An interesting colour combination suggested by a friend! Green Peter Storm raintrousers (over navy raintrousers) and a powder blue Peter Storm zip up cagoule over an orange Peter Storm smock cagoule. Green Hunter wellies. Navy Peter Storm hat too...

12 June 2018 - Coffee in the garden in a mixture of colours. Red Peter Storm raintrousers (over navy raintrousers) and a navy Peter Storm zip up cagoule over a red Peter Storm smock cagoule..! Peter Storm hat too!

1 June 2018 - Powder blue chosen today. Coffee in the garden in full trad Peter Storm powder blue and Hunter wellies. Powder blue Peter Storm raintrousers (over navy raintrousers) and a powder blue Peter Storm zip up cagoule over a navy blue Peter Storm smock cagoule..!

31 May 2018 - Another day, another colour! Royal blue chosen today. Coffee in the garden in full trad royal blue and Hunter wellies. 2 pairs of trad Peter Storm raintrousers and a royal blue Peter Storm zip up cagoule over a royal blue Peter Storm smock cagoule..!

30 May 2018 - White was chosen! Tea in the garden in trad white Peter Storm raintrousers and trad white Peter Storm zip up cagoule over white 'Size' Peter Storm smock cagoule..!

28 May 2018 - Red was decided a few days ago! Coffee in the garden in trad red Peter Storm raintrousers and trad red Peter Storm smock cagoule...! The neighbours will spot me eventually..!

24 May 2018 - Must be yellow day! Coffee in the garden in trad yellow Peter Storm raintrousers and trad yellow Peter Storm smock cagoule...! Did the neighbours spot me though..?

Monday, 19 November 2018

New Contact

I have recently had contact with someone via this blog and the message made me realise why it is worthwhile. I won’t share the entire message but here is an excerpt.

Hi Peter. During the summer I was searching online for a vintage Peter Storm cagoule and somehow encountered your blog - Thoughts of a Cagoule Fetishist. I’ve had a strong interest in cagoules from my early teens and owned various different types over the years. I mainly used to wear cagoules in the house when there was nobody at home. Over the years I’ve had a mixture of excitement mixed with guilt as to why I did this, but since discovering your blog a big weight has been lifted off my mind so I want to thank you for that. I have recently purchased a K-Way Leon royal blue overhead smock cagoule and navy blue Peter Storm raintrousers. I can’t wait to get outdoors geared, as that is another passion of mine.

I want to make time to explore this special fetish as I feel like I’ve missed out on so much over the years. I honestly thought until recently that I had something wrong with me and would beat myself up about my love of cagoules. Since finding your blog however, I’ve found a new acceptance and I feel ready for the next chapter. I’m cagouled on a daily basis (I wear one for work and cycling etc.). A Patrick cagoule was my first ever cagoule many moons ago. Thanks again.

I guess this message might strike a chord with many readers here and I am very happy that the blog has helped someone. I remember Patrick cagoules very well from back in the day. I'm sad to say that I never owned one myself, probably because I was very focussed on Peter Storm gear. It would be interesting to hear if anyone did own one. I remember them being rather good! Please add comments or get in touch if you wish to contribute to the blog in any way.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Starbucks - Peter Storm Cagoule Fun!

I was driving wearing a navy blue Peter Storm smock cagoule. I stopped at a Starbucks coffee outlet at the motorway services. It was fairly quiet and I queued behind two customers. While waiting my turn a middle-aged lady came in and waited behind me. The girl serving was young, pretty with a lovely smile and when it was my turn the conversation was as follows.
“Can I have a flat white please?”
“Certainly sir. Anything else?”
“Do you write names on the cups here?”
“Yes for sure. I can write your name on the cup if you want”.
She then looked at me obviously waiting for me to say the name.
“Can you write Peter Storm please?”
She didn’t get it and looked a bit puzzled.
“Peter Storm. Like on my cagoule”. I pointed to the logo. By now her male workmate had moved next to her and was listening. I now had two of them interested. “Ha, great name for a raincoat”, he said. It was obvious that neither of them recognized the brand. “Why do you want it written on the cup?”, he added.
“Oh just for fun”, I said hoping there were no more questions.

My explanation accepted, she took a marker pen and wrote ‘Peter Storm’ on the cup. She added a smiley. She turned it towards me. “There you are - Peter Storm”. Again her lovely smile and a hint of amusement at events.

I paid, thanked her and moved along to wait for my drink. My coffee was made, by which time the lady who had been behind me was also waiting. The guy on the delivery end was handed the coffee by the barista. “Peter - Peter Storm he read”. He said it with no hint at all that it was anything strange or any connection that it was the same name on my cagoule. The lady however, did give me a slightly strange look. I am not sure how much she had heard, but she was far more likely than the youngsters to know what a Peter Storm cagoule is! I took the coffee, thanked him and left. I went outside, took a few pictures and enjoyed my coffee.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Cagoule Fetish Questionnaire - Mike

This questionnaire is about fetishism for cagoules (nylon raingear, waterproofs). It has been sent to a number of people and this is the first response. I hope it is of interest? There will be more to come as I have had a few replies already.

Name: Mike
Age: 55
Location: Southeast England

QUESTION 1 - Please explain your earliest memories of a cagoule (what age?), how you felt about it and what (if any) affect it had on you at that time?

ANSWER 1 - I have two early memories, both when I was at primary school, maybe aged 10. The first was when the mum of one of my friends took my friend and me on a day out to the seaside. It was a typical British summer's day, freezing cold and drizzly, and the friend's mum wore a red over the head (smock) nylon cagoule. I would like to think it was a Peter Storm one - it certainly looked very much like one - I distinctly remember it was red/orange nylon with a white 1/2 zip and drawstrings. I don’t recall it having a logo however. The second memory was bumping into the teenage daughter of one my dad's friends in town one Saturday morning. She was wearing a shiny yellow sailing smock cagoule made of PVC, with a lace up front. I felt a kind of nice feeling come over me while my dad was talking to her. That was probably my first cagoule fetish moment.

QUESTION 2 - Please describe your first cagoule. Brand, colour and style? Was it given to you or did you choose it? At what age did you get it?

ANSWER 2 - My first cagoule was a classic Peter Storm zip up cagoule in olive green with black zip. I was about 14 when I got it and chose it myself. It was probably the first item of clothing I bought by myself.

QUESTION 3 - When (at what age?) did you become aware of sexual feelings (a fetish) for cagoules?

ANSWER 3 - See the response to QUESTION 1. After that first moment I never looked back.

QUESTION 4 - How did you feel about discovering that you had a fetish for cagoules? What did you do?

ANSWER 4 - I kept it to myself. Once I was old enough to be out and about in town on my own I used to hang around the camping and outdoor shops, occasionally venturing in and trying on a cagoule. I also used to catch the wrong bus home from school because I knew I'd be likely to see a few cagouled girls from the posh local private school.

QUESTION 5 - Do you also like waterproof trousers?

ANSWER 5 - Yes.

QUESTION 6 - Describe how and how often you practice your fetish for cagoules (waterproofs)?

ANSWER 6 - Whenever I have enough time alone in the house - probably once a fortnight.

QUESTION 7 - Do you or have you ever felt guilty about your fetish for cagoules? Has this changed over time?

ANSWER 7 - Never and no.

QUESTION 8 - Cagoule hood up or down?

ANSWER 8 - Either. Up is good as it completes the enclosure. I must say however, that I like the look of a woman's long hair spilling down the front of her cagoule and the promise of what might be revealed beneath a slightly open zip.

QUESTION 9 - Please describe / catalogue / quantify your cagoule collection (including waterproof trousers, wellies and any other relevant things).

ANSWER 9 - 5 nylon cagoules (3 smock, 2 zip up). 3 pairs of nylon overtrousers. 1 pair of wellies. A long nylon “Go” travel mac. A yellow PVC 2 piece rainsuit. A see through plastic overhead cagoule.

QUESTION 10 - How has your fetish for cagoules evolved over time in terms of getting stronger/weaker or how you practice it?

ANSWER 10 - I have got more daring, in terms of the numbers of layers, wearing a hood backwards, self-bondage and posting selfies on the Internet.

QUESTION 11 - Has the Internet helped you in your fetish for cagoules? Which sites do you look at or are a member of?

ANSWER 11 – Tremendously. Both for stuff to look at and read. It also makes it easier to buy stuff. I am or have been a member of Fetlife, Fetish Memoirs and Rainbound.

QUESTION 12 - Have you shared your fetish for cagoules with anyone (partner/spouse/friend)? If so what was the reaction?

ANSWER 12 - My wife knows about my fetish, but not how strong/serious it is. While she knows that I like wearing and seeing women wearing cagoules (and once in a while we do wear them in the bedroom together), she doesn't know about me going online, or the extent of my raingear collection.

QUESTION 13 - Have you ever been caught practising your fetish for cagoules? If so please share details of what happened?

ANSWER 13 – I have been almost caught. One time when I was single, I was enjoying a geared shower session and my landlady entered my flat unannounced. I hadn't heard the doorbell so she'd walked in to check on something or other. Luckily I heard her when I emerged from the shower and was able to undress, wrap a towel round myself and stash the wet raingear in a cupboard under the sink.

QUESTION  14 - Do you have much online contact with fellow cagoule fetishists?

ANSWER 14 - Mainly with the writer of this blog!  Other correspondents have come and gone over the years.

QUESTION  15 - How often do you wear a cagoule? Do you wear cagoules (raingear) both outside and inside?

ANSWER 15 – Indoors and out every couple of weeks. I have occasionally worn a cagoule outdoors for fetish purposes, such as deliberately waiting until a wet day and deciding that I simply have to prune the jungle at the end of the garden, or if I'm alone for the evening, wearing a cagoule and raintrousers on a wet night and going for an otherwise unnecessary walk round the neighbourhood.

QUESTION  16 - Do you only wear cagoule for fetish fun or do you wear them in everyday life? Do you have other raingear for ‘public’ wearing?

ANSWER  16 - I wear a cagoule for everyday life if it is raining in the warm summer months. I add raintrousers if I'm walking the dog in the wet at any time of year. I have one set, which I reserve for 'public' use.

QUESTION  17 - Do you wish you did not have a fetish for cagoules? Either way, please explain?

ANSWER 17 - I am very happy with my fetish. It would be rather dull to be 'vanilla'.

QUESTION  18 - Do you have any interest in other fetish clothing or items such as rubber, PVC, gasmasks, spandex, etc.?

ANSWER 18 - PVC definitely. I like certain rubber items on women but not to wear myself - mainly those that resemble 'real' clothes like knickers, bras, stockings. I also enjoy leather skirts and leather coats.

QUESTION  19 - Please explain the last cagoule fetish session you had?

ANSWER  19 - I spent an hour or so in an online fantasy role-play. I was dressed in cagoule and raintrousers and so, I assume, was the other person.

QUESTION  20 - Do you have a favourite cagoule fantasy? Please share it…

ANSWER 20 - Too many to mention!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Why So Long?

So why has it been so long since I made a post here? To be honest I have no good explanation. Probably not worth getting too analytical about it to be honest, but I hope readers are pleased that I am back. The plan is for regular updates! Oh, I hear you cry, you have said that before! Let’s see..

Importantly, I am very happy to include content not written by me. This can be text and/or pictures. If any readers would like to contribute, please feel free to send material to my email address.

I have just found an entry I was writing on 15 February! It was not finished or posted. I will dust it off and post it soon.

So what has been happening? Well, in case you are wondering/worrying, the fetish for all things waterproof has not gone away. Those of us with this fetish know it never will and so my strategy for a long time now is to just accept it and enjoy it as much as I possibly can. In the last year or so, I have been wearing waterproofs more and more outside. I still dress inside, but have been enjoying the liberating and exciting feeling of wearing my favourite kind of clothes while out and about.

It’s funny because I think many of us have had some kind of fear that if we wear cagoules or waterproof trousers (or preferably both!), it will draw attention, which we would find uncomfortable. I certainly felt like this for a very long time when I was younger (although it didn’t stop me!). Over the years however, I have come to realise that this thinking is wrong and in my experience, and as long as it is done in some kind of context, nobody takes any notice at all. Wearing full waterproofs on a hot sunny day will likely draw some attention of course, but doing so on a grey, cloudy or even rainy day doesn’t.

I always have waterproofs and wellies in my car and nowadays take any opportunity I can to pull them on and enjoy. I am lucky because my work gives me a lot of freedom (working at home a lot and visiting clients in various places), which means I can find good places to take a walk or even visit a pub.

The first pictures show me out and about in a navy Peter Storm smock cagoule and navy Regatta raintrousers. I was visiting an outdoor sports event (in 2016) and I drove there and back and walked around in full waterproofs all day. It was wonderful to do so and nobody raised even an eyebrow at how I was dressed. There was quite a bit of raingear being worn around me which I also enjoyed but, if I’m honest, very few in full rainsuits. The whole day was an absolute joy.

I have a client located about 45 minutes drive from my home. I usually visit once a week. If I have time, I have some raingear fun on the way or the way back. I've identified a few good walks and a few good country pubs on the route. I always enjoy the walks and sometimes stop at one of the pubs for a quick drink. The pub rule has been that I must arrive at the pub and stay in full rainsuit (I take my drink outside). At first I was a little nervous, but now am totally relaxed about it, although as the weather gets better, I will drop the raintrousers and just stick to the cagoule.

The second lot of pics show a walk I took back in January in the woods very near the pub. I was wearing my navy blue K-Way smock cagoule, navy Regatta raintrousers and green Hunter wellies. Swish, swish...! There were a few ‘hellos’ exchanged with dog walkers but nothing else. Nobody pointed or shrieked at how I was dressed!

I visited the pub afterwards. This visit involved arriving in full waterproofs (as on the walk) and walking boots (replacing earlier wellies). Quite a few people in. Chatty barman. No strange looks or comments about how I was dressed. Took pint and went outside. Quite chilly. A few people outside smoking. Fun and no strange looks from anyone. Enjoyed my drink. Walked back in through the bar where people were drinking, dining etc.. Left my glass on bar, said goodbye to barman and departed. Drove home in gear. Removed it in the garage before entering the house.

So, I’m back.  I hope you have enjoyed this post? Please leave comments or contact me direct.